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Domestic transmission and distribution equipment d
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     Domestic backbone gradually formed the main provinces, new investment will be mainly concentrated in the UHV, the new power output works, rural power grid construction and transformation of the city, we expect rapid growth in investment during the power grid over the next few years will slow growth, and the power grid Investment peak will occur in 2011, the corresponding domestic transmission and distribution equipment demand will peak in 2012.
     New energy power generation equipment market is still full of vitality 
     Wind power equipment, machine still rapid growth in the next three years, is expected to reach 26.58 percent compound annual growth rate, but we believe that supply and demand have been reversed, the future of the industry reshuffle is inevitable; photovoltaic cell industry demand recovery, the domestic market is expected to start-up; new energy plan will start the climax of the domestic nuclear power plant construction. 
     Industry cost pressures gradually appearing.
     Since early 2009, some raw materials began to rise from the lows, such as the copper price rose more than 50%. Has experienced the fourth quarter of 2008, the material prices decline, many of the larger electrical equipment prices drop, with the economy warming, raw materials prices, if an enterprise does not lock when the signing of the contract price, will face greater cost pressures. 
     Industry, the higher the valuation, this high valuation is the comparison to determine grid investment, new energy power generation equipment, a good policy environment faced by the reflection on maintaining "cautious recommendation" investment rating. 
     Recommended to focus on the economy extended the special high-voltage equipment manufacturing field, policy support for new energy power generation equipment and energy saving devices, smart power grid construction to benefit the field of secondary equipment, we recommend the Dongfang Electric, electrical and TBEA confidence.
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