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     Xi'an Tianhong Electric Co., Ltd. is a solely state-owned national defense industry enterprise, a division factory set up by China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC). It is one of the largest manufacturers of power transmission and distribution equipment in China.
     With advanced equipments introduced from Germany, Switzerland, Japan, etc., as well as high technology and expertise in manufacturing Cast resin dry-type (voltage: 6kV-35kV, capacity: 30kVA-20000kVA) and oil-immersed (voltage: 6kV-110kV, capacity: 30kVA-50000kVA) transformers. We  engaged in professional design, manufacture and selling of all kinds of dry-type and oil-immersed type  transformers, reactors, power distribution cabinets of high and low voltage.At the same time, all types of transformers for special use, explosion-proof transformers, prefabricated substations, high and low voltage power distribution cabinets, extinction coils, grounding transformers, reactors and so on can be produced according to the demand of clients.
     We gets through ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004, GB/T24001-2004, GB/T19001-2000, GB/T28001-2001, GB7251, IEC6076-11 (KEMA's Cert.), GB1094, JB/T10088 and CCC etc. systems and products authentication firstly in this field.
     Today, our products are sold in more than 30 provinces and exported all over the world, served in many international engineering projects, we also received satisfied opinion from the users because of reliable quality and reasonable costs.
     Your comments on our products or any information on your market demand will be greatly appreciated.We sincerely hope to establish good and long-term business relations with you in the near future. 
Xi'an Tianhong Electric Co., Ltd.
Add.: No.20, Jinye 2nd Road, High-tech Zone, Xi'an(710075), China
One of the subsidiaries:(CSIC) Xi’an Dong Yi  New Energy Co., LTD
China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) Xi’an Dong Yi ( Dongfeng Instrument Factory) New Energy Co., LTD is newly formed on the background of partnership between Xi’an Dong Yi, its subsidiary company Xi’an Tianhong Electric Co., LTD and Shang Dong Guofeng Wind Power Equipments Co., Ltd using their respective core indusial advantages, and is one of the pillar industries in the 12th 5-year strategic planning for Xi’an Dong Yi (Dongfeng Instrument Factory). The company was registered in year 2010 with a paid-up capital of RMB¥140 million at the location of No. 20, Jinyie 2nd Road, Xi’an High-Tech Devolepment Zone. The stake structure is that Xi’an Dong Yi (Dongfeng Instrument Factory) holds 98.57% which is equal to RMB¥138 million of the total capital, and Shang Dong Guo Feng Wind Power Equipments Co., Ltd holds the remaining 1.43% which is equal to RMB¥2 million. 
The work scope of the company includes but not limited in wind power equipments manufacture, wind power projects exploitation, construction and operation as well as the development and utilization of new energy such as solar , ocean, water, biomass energies. Moreover, it is committed to provide local wind power plants with comprehensive and integrated services including design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and test of mega wind turbine generator. 
Currently, there are two fully-hold subsidiary companies and four project departments under the new company. The first subsidiary company is located at Chai Da Mu Street, Ge Er Mu City, Qinghai; the second subsidiary company is located in Qi Li He District, Lan Zhou, Gan Su, and the four project departments are located at Lanzhou, Gan Su, Yulin, Shan Xi, Laiwu, Shandong and Zhangjiakou, He Bei respectively.
In year 2011, our corporation has completed QingHai Ge Er Mu photovoltaic solar energy phase I of 5MW project with a grid rate of RMB1.15. In year 2012, the company has inaugurated QingHai Ge Er Mu photovoltaic solar energy phase II of 20MW project which had been completed by the end of the same year with grid rate of RMB1.00 and QingHai Ge Er Mu Xiao Zao Huo wind power plant project. The latter consists of 10 phases with a total capacity of 500MW. At present, the phase I & II wind power projects with a total capacity of 100MW have been kicked off. Besides, two wind power plants in Yong Deng county, Lan Zhou, namely Shang Chuan and Ping Cheng Xiang with a potential capacity of 500MW to be developed. In addition, the same location of Shang Chuan wind power plant is also suitable for photovoltaic solar energy power generation with a capacity of 200 MW, thus can form a cross-complementary and multi- hierarchy economies of scale for both wind and solar energy. Apart from maintaining good relationship with local authority, the company singed the letter of intent for investment and cooperation with Yong Deng county government on 18th Lan Zhou Trade Fair.
For the time being, the company has obtained sustainable rapid progress. In compliance with national strategy of energy conservation and emissions reduction, the company has been guided by national industrial policies and concept of scientific development, supported by technological progress, fully committed to economic , political and social responsibilities, consequently come out to be one of the local prestiged new energy companies with stronger development, profit - making and competitiveness.
China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) Xi’an Dong Yi ( Dongfeng Instrument Factory) New Energy Co., LTD would like to cooperate with all local governments to facilitate rational exploitation and utilization of new energy and healthy development of wind power industry, thus to contribute to regional economic development and environmental protection. Ultimately, the company will ensure the best products and services for its clients, society and power industry nationwide at all times.      
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